KCMA Environmental Stewardship Certification

KCMA Environmental Stewardship Certification

Precision Cabinets has received the prestigious Environmental Stewardship Certification from the KCMA. This is awarded by the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association and granted to cabinet makers across the United States and Canada who exhibit environmental consciousness throughout the entire manufacturing process. This certification is based on a cabinet manufacturer’s compliance in five categories: air quality, product resource management, process resource management, and environmental stewardship and community relations.

KCMA has 155 Active Cabinet Makers across the United States and Canada, 11 of which are in California. Of these 11, Precision Cabinets is the only manufacturer to earn the Environmental Stewardship Award. This speaks to our ongoing commitment to use our natural resources in a thoughtful manner, while continually looking for ways to improve our practices so as to be even greener.

This year’s certification represents Precision Cabinets’ 9th consecutive year as a proud member of the Environmental Stewardship program.

KCMA’s Environmental Stewardship Program is committed to maintaining credibility by holding the cabinet industry to higher standards and is the only environmental program for kitchen and bath cabinet manufacturers to demonstrate environmental stewardship from harvesting raw materials to manufacturing the end product. Beginning in June 2016, the criteria for certification expanded to increase manufacturer’s awareness of its carbon footprint. This expansion includes awarding points for participation in EPA’s SmartWay freight transport sustainability program.

This program is proof that it is possible for key players in our industry to use natural resources in a manner that minimizes the global environmental balance. We stand proudly with the other 120 manufacturers across the United States that were awarded the KCMA ESP certification this year. The Environmental Stewardship Certification is an achievement we cherish year after year, and vow to maintain for years to come.